HIV Clinical Pharmacology Training Toolbox


Key Toolbox Research Skills

Role in Training Independent Researcher

Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the responsible conduct of research.

Design and conduct research protocols of the highest quality and ethical standards.

Design an experiment/protocol with methods that employs outcome metrics

Design experiments/protocols that account for factors that influence target outcomes.

Design a prospective experiment/protocol including sample size estimates and data analysis plans.

Design research experiments/protocols that have adequate statistical power to detect differences between groups.

Design a study with blood sample collection, storage and processing for specimens.

Apply translational science concepts to design rational studies.

Utilize electronic medical records to identify patients for enrollment based on inclusion and exclusion criteria

Employ healthcare informatics in conducting clinical and translational research.

Employ the key principles for assay development and validation of laboratory methods.

Demonstrate ability to discern accurate and reproducible assay data and be able to interpret assay data

Demonstrate an understanding of key aspects of multidisciplinary research teams, team dynamics and the process of scientific dissemination.

Participate on multidisciplinary research teams, and analyze and disseminate research findings though peer reviewed mechanisms.