Project Director/Principal Investigator: Gene D. Morse, PharmD

Dr. Gene D. Morse has been conducting antiretroviral pharmacology research since the beginning of the HIV epidemic. In 1986, Dr. Morse developed the Laboratory for Antiretroviral Research at the University at Buffalo in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The laboratory has been a training site for numerous post-doctoral fellows and residents as well as pre-doctoral students. The laboratory is approved by New York State to conduct protease inhibitor assays in support of therapeutic drug monitoring research for antiretrovirals.

Dr. Morse was one of the initial investigators funded to establish the Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group as the PI for a Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory. Dr. Morse has continued to conduct investigator-initiated research with support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), the pharmaceutical industry and AmFAR. Dr. Morse is the Principal Investigator for the NIAID AIDS Clinical Trials Group UB Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory and a current NIDA grant R01DA015024-02. The UB ACTG Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory will receive funding through the U01 Network Laboratory Application from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (GD Morse, PI, 2007-2013). In addition, Dr. Morse has received additional funding for a NIDA International Supplement and a one year supplement from the NIH Fogarty International Center for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training with University of Zimbabwe trainees in antiretroviral pharmacology (Supplement to P50; Art Rheingold, PI, UC Berkeley, GD Morse, UB- Supplement PI).

Dr. Morse has developed HIV pharmacology clerkship training for clinical evaluation of antiretroviral therapy in acute care and ambulatory settings, established an HIV Certificate program, a post-doctoral pharmacy residency program and a post-doctoral fellowship program in HIV/AIDS pharmacology. Dr. Morse has mentored international fellows from Cairo and Harare and collaborated with Dr. Maponga on the development of the International Center for HIV/AIDS Pharmacotherapy Research and Training (ICHAPRT). Dr. Morse has served as a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health, The Ontario HIV Research Council and the Netherlands HIV/AIDS Research Council. Dr. Morse established the HIV ePharmacotherapy Network ( an international website to foster education, research and technology transfer in HIV/AIDS pharmacotherapy.


UZ Principal Investigator: Chiedza C. Maponga, PharmD

Dr. Maponga is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the School of Pharmacy in the University of Zimbabwe’s College of Health Sciences. He also holds a visiting faculty position at the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This position requires him to rotate 3 to 4 times annually between the USA and Zimbabwe while coordinating the activities of a collaborative program called the International Pharmacotherapy Education and Research Initiative (IPERI). In April 2009, this program was awarded the Fogarty AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP) grant (grant no. 1D43TW007991-01A2) to implement a postgraduate training initiative with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS clinical pharmacology between the University at Buffalo (UB) and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

In May 2011, Dr. Maponga was appointed by the government’s Minister of Health and Child Welfare to chair the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council, the professional regulatory agency that registers, licenses, educates and promotes traditional health practice in Zimbabwe.  Dr. Maponga is a member of the Medicines Control Authority Zimbabwe (the national medicines regulatory body) and the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe responsible for regulating professional practice in the country. He has been actively involved in the International AIDS Clinical Trials Group for the past nine years mainly through the UB-UZ collaboration.

Dr. Maponga’s role in the UB-UZ HRTP is to coordinate the UZ components of the program with regard to recruitment and liaising with UZ faculty mentors and fellows. His understanding of the Zimbabwean health care system is a tremendous asset in ensuring the smooth implementation of the program. Dr. Maponga provides essential collaboration between Health Sciences training and research programs in Zimbabwe and with the pharmacology laboratory at the University at Buffalo. Dr Maponga has extensive training and experience in the implementation of antiretroviral medication programs, the implementation of pharmacologic approaches to monitoring HIV drug therapy and conducting bioequivalence studies.