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University at Buffalo Adherence-Pharmacology Unit




University of Zimbabwe – College of Health Sciences

Training of Junior Pharmacy and Pharmacology Faculty in HIV Pharmacotherapy

Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (Ministry of Health)

Development of Bioequivalence Surveillance System for Generic Drugs

Chitungwiza UTANO – Community Partnership in Health

Antiretroviral Adherence Support system for Chitungwiza Patients

USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Zimbabwe office

Technical Support to funded project on Pharmacy and Pharmacology issues

Ministry of Health – Zimbabwe

Technical support to the National Emergency Task Force on Antiretrovirals

International AIDS Clinical Trials Group

Study Pharmacology Committees

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The development of HIV/AID clinics in developing countries will foster a partnership between AHF and the UB ATRP as new programs are implemented and health professionals receive training on theintegration of clinical care and research.

VISA Preparations
AITRP fellows come to the U.S on a J-1 scholar VISA. To apply for a visa, fellows need a DS-2019. To receive a DS-2019, fellows need to complete the DS-2019 application packet. The UB-UZ AITRP program staff will assist you in the submission of your DS-2019 application packet. Fellows will need the following to complete the DS-2019 packet:

Curriculum vitae (CV)/ resume

  1. A letter from University of Zimbabwe confirming that you are in good academic standing and that this research training will fulfill the educational objectives for your current degree program
  2. Copy of your passport biographic data
  3. Signed Medical Insurance Attestation
  4. Signed Letter of Commitment from the Fellowship Acceptance Contract Letter
  5. Completed DS-2019 application form

You may also be asked to provide additional documentation as applicable. The DS2019 form will be mailed to your Zimbabwe address. Additional information can be found at the UB International Student and Scholar Services website

Requirements change. We recommend that you also check with the U.S Consulate in Zimbabwe for recent J-1 VISA application requirements prior to making any VISA appointments.

Fees and Accommodation
The UB-UZ AITRP program will provide fees directly related to your expenses to come to Buffalo. These include:

  • VISA fees (reimbursed after arrival at UB)
  • SEVIS fees
  • Round trip ticket between Harare, Zimbabwe and Buffalo, NY (UB will book this for you; do not book yourself!)
  • Stipend (for housing, meals, living and incidental expenses)
  • Fellow Health Insurance during UB visit

For any assistance do not hesitate to contact the Program Staff (Kelly Tooley or Primrose Jaravani).

Additional Resources

Transportation Services
The University provides free bus services between UB North Campus and UB South Campus and shuttle services to the UB Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences. The buses also take students for grocery shopping and to the Boulevard Shopping Mall on select days. UB bus and shuttle schedules can be found at Public buses (Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority) are also available for a fee opposite UB South Campus library. A train station is located at the same place for transportation between UB South Campus and Downtown Buffalo where you can also get access to long distance buses.

Food Services at UB
The University at Buffalo has various dining services locations, ‘fast food’ areas and convenience stores. The campus card and cash can be used at most of these locations. Fellows will be advised on the usage limits of the cards that will be provided through the program at these outlets. For a list and location of outlets including menus please visit Depending on the place you will be allocated to live, you might also have access to a kitchenette should you want to prepare your own meals.

Phone Services
Dial tone services are provided in UB residence halls except in Flickinger Court. However, you will need to get your own receiver (which cost $5 or more). You can call local numbers (#s beginning with 716) and toll free numbers (#s beginning with 1-800,1-866 etc) for free using the residence hall phones. You can alternatively obtain a cell phone prepaid or contract line. Contract lines will be dependent on your duration of stay and the company. There are some cell phone providers within walking distance from South Campus whose services you can generally inquire. Zimbabwe and U.S. cell phone services are quite different thus it is advisable to talk to someone before getting a phone. Public telephone booths (call boxes) are also available around campus.

International calls can be conveniently and more cheaply made using international calling cards. Phone cards are available at various off campus convenience stores and are usually tailor-made for calls to specific areas. Since most phone cards have toll free access numbers, you can use your residence hall phones to make international calls using phone cards.

Laundry, Television and Other Services
All UB residence halls have laundry washers and driers which you can use to do your laundry. Laundry service fees are paid as part of your accommodation fees so you do not need to worry about these. Television services are also available in each room although you need to purchase your personal television. However, a communal television is usually available for shared use at any time.

UB South Campus is conveniently located near a shopping plaza should you need basic commodities. Shops for various services and a movie theater are also located at the Plaza. For banking, shopping, restaurant guides and other suggestions please visit the International Student and Scholar Services website.

International Students’ and Scholars’ Activities
The University at Buffalo International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides various activities and workshops for international scholars and students. Some events include visiting places such as Niagara Falls, Darien Lake Amusement Park and Zoar Valley. While the UB-UZ AITRP program will sponsor a few events, fellows interested in spending time and meeting other international students are encouraged to attend these trips. Available activities and details (costs, etc) can be found on the ISSS website.