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UB Sponsored Programs

The University at Buffalo (UB) School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmacy Practice Office of Postgraduate Professional Education designed several distinct postgraduate training programs offering HIV health care providers the opportunity to select the specific educational program which is best suited for their practice setting.

HIV pharmacotherapy is unsurpassed in its complexity when compared with other chronic illnesses, making pharmaceutical care in this area particularly challenging. However, caring for patients infected with HIV is becoming more common as patients with the disease are living longer and are presenting to a diversity of practice settings. Many pharmacists find themselves uncomfortable with their level of knowledge in the area of HIV either because they did not receive any HIV training in their formal education or simply because of the rapid and on-going advancements in this therapeutic area.

The UB continuing education programs provide varied levels of training for pharmacists seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to assess, counsel and manage the medications of patients living with HIV infection and other common co-morbidities. The basic pathophysiology of HIV and pharmacology of antiretrovirals will be covered in the programs as well as contemporary issues in patient management such as adherence, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, and antiretroviral resistance.



Clinical Pharmacology Tutorial (PK Tutorial), sponsored by the Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance Program (CPQA)

The Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program (CPQA) sponsors the Clinical Pharmacology Tutorial (PK Tutorial) which is hosted on the Frontier Science and Technology Research Foundation (FSTRF) Portal.  ACTG and IMPAACT networks require that at least one individual at the clinical research site (CRS) complete and retain this certificate in order to conduct trials that involve pharmacology testing.

 Staff who complete the online tutorial will:

  • Learn what study conduct practices cause some of the most common and serious problems seen in PK-PD analysis.
  • Learn about specific factors that affect the specimens staff collect for PK-PD studies and how these factors impact analysis of PK-PD data.
  • Learn about types of pharmacology studies other than intensive that are typically used in clinical trials.
  • Learn the basic terminology and concepts behind pharmacology studies.

Four complete sections guide staff step-by-step providing the knowledge and tools needed to successfully conduct pharmacology protocols. The tutorial features clear, easy-to-read graphics throughout to illustrate specific problems often seen in pharmacology protocols. Each section is followed by a quiz. The PK Tutorial takes approximately one hour to complete. A certificate is issued upon completion, and is valid for two years.


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