Scientific Advisory Board


HRTP Scientific Advisory Board 

The HRTP Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) includes a number of internationally recognized leaders in their field. The purpose of the board is to bring together members of academia and industry with various scientific experiences and knowledge to inform the projects of the fellows and the specific aims of the HRTP. 

The SAB is chaired by Robert T. Schooley, MD, UCSD

SAB Members include: 

* Stephen Becker, MD, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

* Richard J Bertz, PhD, Bristol-Myers Squibb R&D

* Mark Bruns, PhD, Waters Corporation

* Stephen Dewhurst, PhD, University of Rochester, SUNY

* Giovanni Di Perri, MD, University of Turin

* James G Hakim, MD, University of Zimbabwe

* Michael C. Keefer, MD, University of Rochester, SUNY

* Charles Chiedza Maponga, PharmD, University of Zimbabwe 

* Veronica Miller, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

* Timothy F. Murphy, MD, University at Buffalo, SUNY

* Robert L. Murphy, MD, Northwestern University

* William Powderly, MD, University College of Dublin 

* Mary Reid, PhD, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

* David H. Ripin, PhD, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative 

* Ian Sanne, MD, University of the Witwatersrand

* Joseph P. Vacca, Merck Research Labs (retired)