Training Advisory Group

Training Advisory Committee (TAC): The TAC is comprised of an accomplished group of senior educators and researchers with extensive capacity building experience in Zimbabwe, and other countries, that will provide excellent guidance to the HRTP. The members include:

Midion Chidzonga, FFDRCSI, MMedSc: Professor Chidzonga is the TAC Chair, Dean of the UZ CHS and a senior academic leader at UZ. Professor Chidzonga plays a pivotal role as a liaison between the CHS and the UZ Vice Chancellor and the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

James Hakim, MD: Professor Hakimis one of the foremost international HIV researchers in Africa. Prof. Hakim is the PI for the UZ MEPI and was the Zimbabwean PI of the Development of Antiretroviral Therapy Trial in Africa. He is director of the UZ Clinical Research Center and Harare PI of the Europe-Africa Research Network for Evaluation of Second-line therapy, one of the largest studies addressing second-line ART.  

Arthur Reingold, MD: Professor Reingold has been an HRTP PI since 1988 and has recently received a HRTP award with the University of Zimbabwe that is focused on public heath epidemiology training. Dr. Reingold brings a wealth of experience and experience in global health and infectious diseases research. 

Robert Schooley, MD: Professor Schooley is an international infectious diseases researcher with extensive experience in capacity building programs in Africa. He is a past Chair of the NIAID ACTG and as International Liaison to the Executive Committee. He coordinated the ACTG’s expansion from a domestically based clinical and translational therapeutic research agenda to one with multiple international sites and a global focus. He established the International Core of the University of California at San Diego CFAR in 2005 and is Co-Director.

Constance Benson, MD: Professor Benson is an internationally recognized HIV/AIDS researcher who has been involved in translational and clinical HIV/AIDS research for over 26 years. As the PI/Chair of the ACTG network, she has extensive experience in the scientific and organizational administration and fiscal management of a multinational clinical trials network and international laboratories.

Tom Campbell, MD: Professor Campbell has extensive experience in clinical and translational investigations of HIV/AIDS and the development of research capacity in Zimbabwe. He has collaborated with Professor James Hakim in the development of antiretroviral clinical trials capacity at UZ CHS (with funding from NIAID) and is the Co-PI for the Novel Education Clinical Trainees and Researchers Program to improve medical education and healthcare-related research capacity at the UZ CHS.

Peter Mason, PhD: Dr. Mason has been PI for the Clinical, Operational, and Health Services AIDS/TB in Zimbabwe. He has fostered collaboration with the UZ-UB HRTP and provides important support for UZ graduate students and fellows.

Jack DeHovitz, MD, MPH: Distinguished Professor DeHovitz has extensive experience in developing care programs and program evaluation in both the US and Eastern Europe and has served as project director of the New York State International Training and Research Program with continuous funding since 1994. Dr. DeHovitz brings extensive capacity building experience to the TAC.

Gary Maartens, MD: Professor Maartens is an international HIV/TB researcher and head of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Cape Town. He has experience with post-doctoral fellowship training programs. He has mentored many junior researchers and has been a mentor in two research training grants. 

Chiratidzo Ndlovu, MMed Sci (Clin Epi), FRCP: Dr. Ndlovu is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine and the Deputy Dean of the UZ CHS. She chaired the Department of Medicine at UZ CHS from 2006-2010 and is focused in Internal Medicine with sub-specialties in Nephrology and HIV Medicine.