ACTG Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory

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The UB HIV Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory (PSL) contributes to the research conducted by the international collaboration of HIV clinical research centers and the laboratory network that includes pharmacology, immunology, virology and genomics labs. The UB PSL contributes:

1.  Clinical Pharmacology sections during the development of concept proposals and protocols.

2.  Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis

3.  Drug assays for antiretrovirals, antivirals for HCV and other study drugs.

4.  Central pharmacology laboratory functions for large protocols with multiple analytes to be assayed within the PSL network.

5.  Maintenance of the ACTG Precautionary and Prohibited Medications Database

6.  Membership on ACTG leadership committees including the Executive Committee, Hepatitis Transformative Science Group, Clinical Pharmacology Core committee, Network Laboratory Directors Committee and the Laboratory Technologists Committee.