HIV Clinical Pharmacology

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The Translational Pharmacology Research Core has been conducting antiretroviral pharmacology research since the beginning of the HIV epidemic. It was one of the initial Pharmacology Specialty Laboratories funded at the University of Rochester Clinical Trials Unit when the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) was established. The TPRC is a training site for numerous national and international faculty, pre-doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and residents. It is a recognized international leader in HIV Clinical Pharmacology research and training and currently receives NIH funding for the NIAID HIV Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance Program, an AIDS Clinical Trials Group Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory and an AIDS International Training and Research Program in Clinical Pharmacology in Zimbabwe from the NIH Fogarty International Center.

The TPRC provides services to investigators that include pre-clinical and clinical study design and analysis for pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenomics as well as drug assays, drug interactions, therapeutic drug monitoring and nanopharmacology research. The director, Gene D. Morse, is a board-certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and directs this New York State-approved pharmacology laboratory. Dr. Morse is the current Director of the ACTG Clinical Pharmacology Core Laboratory and is a member of the Hepatitis Transforming Science Group and the ACTG Executive Committee.