Clinical Pharmacology

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·    TPRC faculty have developed extensive experience with clinical and translational research through the integration of medication management and clinical pharmacology algorithms for identifying patients with varying adherence, medication and disease complexity characteristics. In addition, TPRC faculty have established national and international clinical pharmacology research programs that receive peer-reviewed funding, build regional and national multidisciplinary collaborations, transfer technology and build research capacity in resource limited countries.

     TPRC faculty have developed novel applications for drug assays, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacogenomics and recently, in collaboration with Dr. Paras Prasad and the UB  Institute for Lasers, Photonics, and Biophotonics, have broadened to include nanomedicine applications for TB and new drug assays for Hepatitis C infection. In addition, the nanotechnology and nanomedicine have been integrated into a collaborative research program.  These technologies will increase advance pharmacotherapeutics, increase the number of patients in clinics that will recive medications, and serve a greater number of patients by  implementing point-of care diagnostics and innovative formulations of medications that can be taken on an infrequent schedule as well as developing tissue-targeted approaches that reduce long-term toxicity.