Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

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Dr. Nicholas B. Norgard, PharmD

Dr. Norgard's research interests are in the area of cardiovascular disease with a specific focus on antiplatelet pharmacology and platelet function monitoring.  There is increasing interest in the use of platelet function tests to monitor the effects of antiplatelet drugs, with the goal of guiding therapy to the optimal dose for the prevention and treatment of thrombosis while minimizing hemorrhagic complications.  In addition, the cardiovascular risk of several non-cardiac drugs has recently come into question.  Dr. Norgard’s research incorporates the coated-platelet assay, an innovative approach for analyzing platelet function and the thrombotic potential of a drug.

The research goal for this group is to provide critical insight into the coated-platelet role in thrombotic occlusions that may ultimately be utilized to design effective strategies for prevention and treatment of atherothrombotic diseases and to establish the coated-platelet assay as a marker of thrombotic capability that can be used to monitor medication efficacy and safety.