Laboratory for Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics

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Dr. Brian Tsuji, PharmD

Dr. Tsuji directs an innovative antimicrobial pharmacodynamics research program utilizing cutting edge hollow fiber infection models to simulate infections and drug disposition in humans to study pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and molecular determinants to optimize drug dosing. This alternative model offers advantages over animal models in that the opportunity exists to study high bacterial inoculum over several weeks and the concentration time profiles of antibiotics, as seen in humans, can be simulated. Another advantage of this unique system is that bacteria are trapped within the extra capillary space for the study period which provides an ideal environment for bacterial growth and the containment of all bacterial sub-populations.  This facilitates a more in-depth examination of bacterial response to antibiotic therapy, especially as it relates to the study of phenotypic and genotypic changes associated with resistance.